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    Dalai Lama:
    Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
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    Free Medical TREATMENT

    We carry out free medical tests, treatments and consultancy to several individuals from different communities each year. We visit the communities with our trained and certified medical experts, who runs diagnosis on the patients before issuing them the necessary treatments and advice.


    Praise The Lord AFRICA!

    As worshippers of the ALMIGHTY GOD, we are called to use this great weapon to liberate AFRICAN nations from all afflictions and plant life and righteousness in AFRICA, so that this great continent will be exalted as GOD has planned it. It is an annual event for praising God on behalf of African nations, whose flags are hoisted in the event venue (Ps. 67:5).



    CYFA is interested and is mandated to pass the right information through WORD CONFERENCES and CRUSADES/SEMINARS so that the people will not be deformed. Since revelation brings revolution, we deem it fit to take AFRICA and the world at large deep down the WORD of GOD that they can bear fruits worthy of emulation and desirable [2 Kings 19:30; Isaiah 37:31].


    Integrity WORKSHOPS

    CYFA is committed to raising men of integrity who through the teaching of the TRUTH (God’s Word) will stand to serve this great continent and the world at large in truth and uprightness, because the government of each nation determines the peace, pleasure, progress and their prosperity.


    Relationship SEMINARS

    This seminar is designed to inform the singles on safe, protective and lasting relationships.



    Lifting The NATIONS

    This has to do with the presentation of the nations before the Almighty God for protection, peace and progress.



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