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    we are here for the Restoration of Africa’s dignity.

    Together, we can achieve much more.

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    About Us

    CONCERNED YOUTHS FOR AFRICA is an inter-denominational youth ministry, with a mandate by GOD towards the youths in AFRICA and the globe at large. We are mandated towards the RESTORATION of AFRICA’s dignity. Also to reform this great continent and her inhabitants through the power of praise and worship tagged “PRAISE THE LORD AFRICA” which holds annually (Psalm 67:5-7). Concerned Youths For Africa is an end-time army of CHRIST JESUS whose assignment is to redeem and recover whatever the accuser of the brethren (Satan) has stolen from the Kingdom such as talents, visions etc.

    We are strictly against poverty and ignorance which have seated over this born-to-rule continent over decades. We are concerned over the inability of many Africans to accept and taking serious life responsibilities; therefore through the teaching and the word of God which we preach, we make them know “WHO THEY ARE” and also believe in what they can do. Also we care for the less privileged in our communities and those in the refugee camps. We consider the health of AFRICA a treasure that can’t be overlooked, therefore we run a free medical treatment to all concerned. We the Concerned Youths For Africa (CYFA) are mandated to place value on every life, because winning your world begins by winning the people, we don’t write them off.

    CYFA love sex-workers and drug addicts, with an aim to bring them to the knowledge of Christ (the ultimate savior of mankind) and have them liberated from every power and spiritual influences that have stopped the great seed in them from germinating.

    Our VISION

    To restore the dignity of Africa.


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    To go into all the nations of Africa and raise a new generation of youths that will restore the dignity of Africa.

    Our Mission STATEMENT

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